i put in the magic axe into the thaum enchanter and pumped it full of vis, everything worked properly for my diamond sword and iron armour, proper enchants and everything, but when i got out for the axe was unbreakable 3 (awesome, don't have to repair it much) and respiration(a helmet enchant) wtf?
Can anyone explain the new enchantment the thaumcraft gives us? I'm sure everyone knows all the enchants in the thumanomicon(I do too i discovered everything. But there are some enchant that doen't require the research Some stuff i know already: venom effect: poison the target. seems as though
what is this? O_O it says 'collected wisdom' can only be used by this, but it isnt on the 'list of discoveries' subject. is it just not updated yet? THE QUESTION IS: what is Occultic Enchanter?
There could be jungle type trees made of silver and great wood trees. There would be an extremely high aura and almost 0 taint. The only things that should spawn are wisps and thaumic slimes.
Hanging from the trees could be glowing vines! I thought of that when my man-made enchanted forest was too dark and hostile stuff started spawning. Glowing blue vines, the same colour as the leaves on a silver wood tree, maybe?
I think you should be able to put an enchanted item in the enchanter and it will remove the enchantments for a cost of 75% of the vis it took to add them.
perhaps rather then useing more vis in enchanting, mabye the enchanter would spit out taint equivalent to how much you used to enchant it?
You would need to use a thaumic or occultic enchanter I believe the vanilla one will only provide vanilla enchantments
actually you need the upgrade to make four enchantments or you will only be able to make tree enchantments
I think you may have to research the thaumic enchanter first, before researching the occultic enchanter
Oh, sorry, forgot this Vampiric - max level 3, weapon enchant Soul stealer - max level 3, weapon enchant Self-repair - max level 1, weapon, tool, bow, and armor enchant Relic Hunter - max level 3, weapon enchant Potency - max level 5, wand enchant Ice Aspect - max level 2, weapon enchant Poison aspect - max
It's even better than gold in enchanting uses, and it seems that somehow Azanor made it so that "better" enchants like high levels of Fortune and Slik Touch are more likely when enchanting Thaumium.
Egh srry hit enter half way but the enchantment i found is Treasure Hunter it says if enchanted on a blade it gives the chance for all mobs to drop artifacts {Which is awesome!} but idk how enchant it I know normal enchanting but i tried multiple times on thaum swords and yet to have gotten it. Do i
Maybe 50%, but you have to see the advantage of being able to enchant your item with less-than-ideal enchantments while you acquire your brain-in-a-jars to fill your enchantment room, then being able to remove them to get better enchantments, instead of having to remake an item and re-enchant it.
It's fairly simple you just select the enchantments you want placed on the item up to four and then click the red button when it lights up the enchanting process has started. all you need to do is wait for it to pull in enough vis and the item will be enchanted
75% is a bit steep considering most items you want to enchant are less expensive than the enchantments themselves, but the idea is solid. Maybe a Disenchant button that uses up 100 Vis to simply strip all enchantments from the item.
I believe, because it is an enchantment, that you have to have it equipped to work, just like armor; it can't just be in your hotbar. As far as using it though, it works just like other enchantment effects. If you have researched and built the highest tier enchanter, you can choose it specifically. Btw
Yeah, respiration counts as a tool enchantment for some reason. No idea what's going on with that.